For physical shop, the budget is composed of  two main fees:

  • terminal fees:
    • could be rental or buying cost,
    • plus software and hardware maintenance cost with usually several ranges of support services proposed.
  • transactions fees:
    • includes 3 types of fees (acquiring, interchange and scheme fees) until now and usually blended in a single fee. Excell Pay advises for transparency in the fees split while interchange and scheme fees are under regulations either by governments or by the card schemes.

Excell Pay tries to avoid fixed cost when possible and make it variable at least for payment card transactions in order to follow your business growth.

Support services is a must and can not be minimized.

We would differentiate three type of supports:

  1. administrative services (contractual, account management)
  2. operational payment services  (transaction, charge back, fraud)
  3. technical services (hardware and software)

Most of the support services can be done remotely and efficient and available help desk is key in order to treat the 3 type of supports you might need.

Also, transparency and access to on-line intranet can help you understanding and monitor your payment activity (for either e-com or physical shops).

Eventually, the possibility to escalate toward responsive and responsible team is necessary.

At Excell Pay we try to build trust and long term relation via reliable products and services in order to answer the 3 types of necessary supports.

Excell Pay tries to propose WIN WIN contracts and shorten minimum contract duration.

Because you business is evolving, we need to adapt either the solutions and related contracts to your situation.

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